Kealy Spring 
LMFT #93512
Photo by Sarah Deragon

Those I work with are usually driven professionals looking to examine and to possibly change various areas of their lives (ex: career, relationships) that are not working for them currently. Sometimes this shows up in the form of either Perfectionism or Imposter Syndrome. If you are often feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and are looking for support to cope better with these challenges, I might be the right therapist for you.  

In session, you can expect to be able to voice concerns, struggles and frustrations without fear that you will be judged or criticized for your feelings. We will also set specific goals and work towards them. As a therapist who also works as a Leadership and Communication Coach, I like to find tools for symptom relief, not just talk about problems. We will talk about those problems and where they come from to give them less power in the future but we will also be looking at ways to change your thoughts and behaviors. This aligns with my training as a CBT therapist or Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. CBT is an evidence based therapy that focuses on thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The basis of this technique is that much like a domino effect, if you change one of those areas (thoughts, feelings, behaviors), the others will begin to change also. While it does not happen overnight, slowly, over time, lasting changes can be made. 

For a little bit more about me, I moved with my family from Ohio to California when I was 9. I then spent much of my formative years in San Diego before getting an undergraduate degree from USC in Communication. 

I went on to get a M.A. from Boulder, Colorado in Communication and did some consulting work in Australia before I decided to settle down in the Bay Area in 2006. Working for a large company in SF, I felt stuck in this career path and decided to make a drastic change, going back to school to get a M.S. in Counseling Psychology. I have been practicing therapy now since 2010. Having come from the corporate world I have a healthy appreciation how stressful it can be to feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed at your job. It is not uncommon for these feelings to interfere with our relationships, careers and even our health. 

As a perpetual student of life and what makes people tick I am a member of various professional organizations and frequently take trainings to learn new skills and therapeutic techniques.

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