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Kealy Spring 
LMFT #93512
Photo by Sarah Deragon

Those I work with are usually driven professionals looking to examine and to possibly change various areas of their lives (ex: career, relationships) that are not working for them currently. If you are often feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and are looking for support to cope better with these challenges, I might be the right therapist for you.  

In session, you can expect to be able to voice concerns, struggles and frustrations without fear that you will be judged or criticized for your feelings. Besides having a place to be heard and seen, we can also set specific goals and work towards them. Some questions we might focus on in our sessions are: What is the source of your stress or sadness? What relationships are you struggling with most in your life? What is not working for you in your career? What would you like most to change? My job is to see your strengths, even if you do not and to notice your wins, even if you think they are small. Let's get everything out on the table so that we can work towards making positive changes in your life together.

For a little bit more about me, I am a California girl with Midwest roots. After living and studying in multiple places in the US as well as in Europe and Australia, I decided to settle into the Bay Area about 10 years ago now. 

I come from a background in communication, with a M.A. from Boulder, Colorado and years of working in the field for various corporations. I felt stuck in this career path and decided to make a drastic change, going back to school to get a M.S. in Counseling Psychology. I have been practicing therapy now for the past nine years but having come from the corporate world I have a healthy appreciation for how communication 

impacts relationships, as well as how stressful it can be to feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for these feelings to interfere with our relationships, careers and even our health. 

As a perpetual student of life and what makes people tick, and to keep up to date with my colleagues and current trends in the counseling psychology profession, I am a San Francisco California Association of Marriage Family Therapists Board Member, currently serving as Past President.