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Individual Therapy

If you are looking to not only explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, but also set some goals for your therapy journey, work towards them and have actual tools to manage symptoms, this is a great place to start. I offer a range of evidence-based therapies tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. While I am trained in many techniques, no one fits neatly into a box and therapy needs to adapt to meet you where you are at, not the other way around. My goal is to get you to a place where you feel confident to engage with the world in a healthy way, not to keep you in therapy forever. If that sounds good to you, let's get a time set up to chat and see if I am a good fit for you to work with.

Common concerns addressed in sessions:

  • Perfectionism

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Life transitions causing stress

  • Work challenges 

  • Communication challenges

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging at times. I work with couples to help them improve their communication, resolve conflicts and strengthen their relationship. We do this in a number of different ways but building a strong foundation of communication, appreciation and support of one another is generally our starting point. I draw from leaders in this space such as Gottman, to give you the tools you need to be a stronger team and work through issues in a more productive way. 

Common concerns addressed in sessions:

  • Communication challenges

  • Conflict resolution

  • Pre-marital counseling

  • New parent concerns

My Approach

I am direct. As a therapist who has been doing this for over a decade now, I know that simply smiling, nodding and saying "um, hum" doesn't cut it. I use humor, when appropriate, as well as a unique ability to remember what you say to me (sometimes to the dismay of clients) to identify patterns in your thoughts or behaviors to leverage change. I want to be an active participant in helping you reach your goals in therapy. Not simply a silent observer.


I am a Leadership Coach as well so this style comes through in my therapy work. I want you to be successful and reach your goals, no matter what those are. I am a cheerleader for making healthy changes in your life. I am also a pessimist at times. I show up as my whole self as I hope those I work with can do the same. The positive, the negative and everything in-between is welcome. Trust is an important aspect to the therapeutic relationship that I strive to build with those I work with. Check out my video on the therapist fit page to learn more about how I practice.

For a little bit more about me, I moved with my family from Ohio to California when I was 9. I spent much of my formative years in San Diego before getting an undergraduate degree from USC in Communication. I went on to get a M.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Communication and did some consulting work in Australia before I decided to settle down in the Bay Area in 2006. Working for a large company in SF, I felt stuck in this career path and decided to make a drastic change, going back to school to get a M.S. in Counseling Psychology. I have been practicing therapy since 2010. 

My Approach
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