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Am I a good fit for you to work with?

To Summarize...

No one fits in a box, but I do like to draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques as well as Hakomi which is a somatic processing therapeutic modality. I am approachable, relaxed and meet you where you are at rather than where I think you should be. I am also direct and do not sit passively by nodding and saying, "hmmm." My belief is that if I don't tell you what I am seeing and hearing, reflecting back to you, then I am not showing up authentically and helping you move towards a healthier version of you, however you define that. I am there to help move you forward towards your goals.


If that feels like a good fit for you, please reach out. If not, feel free to check out the colleagues I have listed below. If they do not have any availability, you can always ask them for referrals to other therapists whom they trust and partner with.

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